Colour-Run & Stain


Besides being a Prominent & Trusted Carpet Retail Shop in Singapore, Hedger’s Carpet Gallery also provide services such as professional Carpet Cleaning as well as Restoration & Repairs. All work is done by the expert in-house team which will assess and recommend processes to bring your carpet back to life at reasonable prices.

Charges vary for the different types of carpets depending whether they are made of Wool or Silk  and the condition of the carpets. Carpets are all carefully hand-washed & naturally dried. No machines or harsh bleaching agents. The carpets have to be taken away & will be ready in 10 – 14 days depend on weather.

Silk Qum - Flooded Carpet Colour Run

Persian Nain - Leaking Air-Conditioner Colour Run

Persian Nain - Leaking Air-Conditioner Colour Run

Round Tabriz - Yellow Stains

Tabrez 'Mahi' - Flooded Carpet Colour Run

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